Mission Statement  

Mission Statement:


The mission of the Palmetto Education Center is to redirect and empower students so they can become productive students/citizens and receive preparation to transition into a less restrictive environment.




  • We have an obligation to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Every human being has unique worth.
  • People have an unlimited capacity to learn.
  • Our children are our highest priority.
  • The family is the primary influence in society.
  • Excellence is worth the effort.
  • Education is essential to enhancing the quality of life.
  • Education is the responsibility of the entire community.
  • Progress requires change.





  • We will never sacrifice the safety and security of our students and employees.
  • We will always make decisions based on the best interest of our students.

  About The School  

The Success Academy



                                                                                      "Redirecting and Empowering Students"

The Success Academy is in its fifth year of operation and is housed in the Palmetto Education Center.  The Palmetto  Education Center was formerly Palmetto Elementary School.  At the Success Academy, students ranging from grades 3-12 are being served in an alternative setting by a fully certified teaching staff. In addition to core subjects, students participate in behavior enrichment, character coaching, counseling services, and community service activities. At SAPFEC, students learn that making good decisions is their best choices.